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IPS Product Suite

We carry the full line of products through our close manufacturer-direct connections. Browse the sites below for more specific product information and unique attributes. Contact us to discover the cutting edge in technology and how multiple manufacturers come together to provide you with the precise setup to suit your needs best.

GE Critical Power - UPS  |

  • Single Phase from 400VA - 10kVA and larger with parallel units/li>
  • Three Phase Single Modules from 10kVA to 1000kVA
  • Multi Module Systems up to 4MW
  • Multi-Mode Technology featuring eBoost Operation Mode
  • Redundant Parallel Architecture
  • Superior Battery Management
  • 96% Efficiency in Double Conversion and 98% in eBoost Mode

GE Critical Power - Distribution Systems  |

  • Power Distribution Units from 50kVA to 750kVA
  • Remote Power Distribution Units
  • Wall Mounted Power Distribution Units
  • Branch Circuit Monitoring Systems
  • Static Transfer Switches
  • Data Center Overhead Busway from 160Amp to 800Amp
  • Computer Room Power Cables

Active Power  |
Active Power

  • Efficient - Reliable - Green - Proven
  • CleanSource UPS provides Battery Free Energy Storage
  • Fault Tolerant, Modular and Redundant UPS Power from 300kVA to 1200kVA
  • GenStart - Generator Starting Module
  • Powerhouse Containerized IT Solutions
  • PowerService Local Maintenance Programs

Enlogic  |

  • Hot Swappable Network Management Module
  • Dual Network Access (DNA)
  • High Temperature Design to 55°C (60°C for EN1000)
  • Billing Grade Power Metering Accuracy
  • Color Coded Locking IEC Outlets & Circuit Breakers
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Field Re-Wireable Input Cord w/Front/Top Input
  • 3 Year Product Warranty

Staco Energy  |
Staco Energy

  • Power Factor Correction and Compensation Products
  • Motor Load Fixed Capacitor Assemblies
  • Harmonic Filtering Products
  • Voltage Regulators and Conditioners to 2000kVA
  • UPS Units from 10kVA to 250kVA, 3-Phase
  • UPS Units from 1kVA to 10kVA, 1-Phase
  • Emergency Lighting Products

PacketPower  |

  • Real Time Wireless Power & Environmental Monitoring Network
  • One Gateway supports up to 300 monitors using a single IP address
  • Uses 900 MHz for improved propagation in data centers
  • Open protocol connectivity monitoring systems using SNMP or ModbusTCP/IP protocols (vendor neutral)
  • Compact wireless Environmental Monitor Captures up to eight sensor readings per monitor

B-Tech  |

  • S5 Battery Monitoring and Diagnostic Systems
  • S5 PIT - Portable Impedance Tester
  • On Site Services - Installation and Repair
  • Application Design Services
  • Remote Battery Monitoring
  • Training and Local Support

Albercorp  |

  • BDS Series, Battery Monitoring and Diagnostic Systems
  • Cellcorder, Battery Multi-Meter and Internal Resistance Meter
  • BCT-2000, Battery Capacity Test Systems
  • Battery Services of all types

Current Technology  |
Current Technology

  • Transient Voltage Surge Suppression Systems
  • Advanced High Frequency Noise Filtering
  • Electronic Grade Panelboards TVSS
  • Advanced Monitoring with Time-Stamped Event Notification
  • SPD Diagnostic and Test Equipment

Omniverter  |

  • High Performance Digital Frequency Converters from 30kVA to 10,000kVA
  • Active Voltage Conditioning & Correction from 150kVA to 50MVA
  • Real Time Energy Measurement for Management and Monitoring.

Danfoss  |

  • Wastewater Treatment and Irrigation Applications
  • Desalination
  • Irrigation
  • VLT Variable Speed Drives
  • VLT Decentral Drives
  • VLT Soft Starters
  • VLT Power Options

PDI Corp  |
PDI Corp

  • Full Line of Engineered Power Distribution Units
  • Remote Power Panels
  • PowerWave Overhead Bus Systems
  • Branch Circuit Monitoring Systems
  • Static Transfer Switches
  • Power Conditioners
  • Computer Room Power Cables